Senior Thesis: Computing Morality

Exploring artificial moral agency


With AI performing ever larger feats of information processing, artificial moral agency is becoming a topic of discussion among many philosophers, computer scientists, and layman alike. Inspired by recent moral dilemmas faced by developers of artificially intelligent software ( at Microsoft, self driving car software at Tesla, etc), the aim of this project is to explore the means by which an AI which can rationalize its own moral decision making.

Platform Creation

Establishing the metaphysical possibility of moral agency in artificially intelligent machines isn't the only goal of this project. We are also looking to establish a baseline from which moral agents can be developed in the future. In order to achieve this goal, I'll be iteratively developing software which you can explore below: - Moral Computing

1st in Creativity + top 10 finalist at Princeton

Inspired by recent dilemmas faced by developers of AI software, the aim of is to create a baseline for an AI which can rationalize its own moral decisions:

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