Firefox Growth Engineering

6.6 million Firefox downloads generated

The Growth Team at Mozilla is on the forefront of data collection and data driven decision making in the software industry. With this power comes great responsibility: to uphold the privacy rights of our users:

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PermaCC++ - Permalinking Law

1st in Govt. and Finance at HackHarvard

50% of hyperlinks in Supreme Court cases are dead.
70% of hyperlinks in some law journals are dead.
So we built a bulk permalinking tool for legal documents:

Learn more - Moral Computing

1st in Creativity + top 10 finalist at Princeton

Inspired by recent dilemmas faced by developers of AI software, the aim of is to create a baseline for an AI which can rationalize its own moral decisions:

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Stanford Scholar Initiatve (Formerly Crowd Course)

School of Management Science and Engineering

Alongside other experienced technologists, I worked to create an online mini-CS course hosted on this Stanford platform:

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Senior thesis: Computing Morality

Since the dawn of computing, man has discussed the implications of artifically intelligent machines. Do machines have the potential for intellectual agency? Do machines have the potential for moral agency?
Intelligent moral computing is the topic of my senior thesis, a joint research project between the undergraduate schools of Computer Science and Philosophy at Lindenwood University:

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FedUp: A social network for social justice

The United States of America was founded upon the idea of equal opportunity. In principle, we can all agree that equality is a good thing. Thats why we're building FedUp: the only social network on the web that is optimized for social justice.

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Organizing Excellence: Leadership at Lindenwood University

Organizational leadership is hard. Organizational leadership of college students is harder.
I learned to lead the hard way while serving as: